Sewing knitting crafting tours of Paris

Exhibitions in and around Paris

exhibitions in Paris in 2013


  L'aiguille en Fete  annual needlecrafts fair     every February   



   Creations et Savoir-Faire Marie-Claire Idees crafting fair   every  November



   Fashion Mix Fashion     designers born outside France   until May 31 2015

    Museum of Immigration ,293 ave Daumesnil  75012   Paris  


    Christian Lacroix

   Musée Cognacq-Jay  November 19 - April 19,-exhibition




    Forney Library  January 27 2015 - 18 April 2015




    on the outskirts   Jouy Museum             


    an afternoon outside Paris    Mother of Pearl Buttons Museum  


    a day in Normandy     visit the Bohin factory


   further afield   in Alsace  National Museum of Costume



  much further afield   Woollen mill museum in Lozère





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