Sewing knitting crafting tours of Paris

Exhibitions in and around Paris

exhibitions in Paris in 2013


  L'aiguille en Fete  annual needlecrafts fair     every February   



   Creations et Savoir-Faire Marie-Claire Idees crafting fair   every  November



   Fashion Mix Fashion     designers born outside France   until May 31 2015

    Museum of Immigration ,293 ave Daumesnil  75012   Paris



    Christian Lacroix

   Musée Cognacq-Jay  November 19 - April 19,-exhibition




  Forney Library  January 27 2015 - May 2015




    Palais Galliera   until August 23 2015
Deboutonner La Mode until 19 July 2015
 Musée des arts Decoratifs
David Bowie Costumes
  until May 31 2015 Philharmonie de Paris
Jean Paul Gautier 



    on the outskirts   Jouy Museum             


    an afternoon outside Paris    Mother of Pearl Buttons Museum  


    a day in Normandy     visit the Bohin factory


   further afield   in Alsace  National Museum of Costume



  much further afield   Woollen mill museum in Lozère





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