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Jean wrote:  
Thank you so very much for a wonderful Friday.

It was great to wander the back streets of Paris and see things that a casual visitor to Paris would never see.

A lovely memory!

Then  a bottle of French Champagne topped it off.You will know by now that we had a selection of macaroons to go with it!!!

Good for a sweet tooth such as moi.

Til next visit!


Roberta said  :  Hi Barbara,
yes we staggered back to the station and made it on the train.!!! thank you so much for your company today and expert guidance

we had a wonderful time and certainly enjoyed venturing out a bit further than we would normally do! cant thank you enough kindest regards

Robbie and Laura x



Anna said   Thanks Barbara. What a lovely afternoon I had

- patting & buying fabric while you guided me through new-to-me parts of Paris.

Your translating and opinion was invaluable & I really enjoyed our chats.


Message from Heather

Miss Barbara ..Thank You so Much for a Wondrous Adventure Day!

What would take Me 20 Trips to Ferret Out We did in a Day!

Thank You for Your Patience Dealing with One Jet Lagged Idiosyncratic Stewardess

or should I just Say American!!!  

Hoping that Our Paths will Cross again ... Heather                   


Claire on the Stitchers Guild forum wrote:

 The guide/source of huge knowledge about anything related to textiles in Paris is named Barbara. She is a lovely person, a New Zealand native who has lived in Paris for a long time. She really knows her stuff and I can guarantee you will have a fabulous time if you sign up with her. I didn't have anything specific in mind when we went out - I'd been to the fabric shops at Place St Pierre near Montmartre and to the button shop in the Marais - and I wanted to look at vintage clothes and lace and whatever else she thought up. I have spent a lot of time in Paris snooping around for fabric, sewing stuff, vintage stuff, etc. My day out w/Barbara was a highlight of my career as a snooper!!
Barbara is really great at putting together a tour that matches your interests and desires and she speaks French of course, and knows as well how to be a respectable shopper (e.g. the rules of politeness)! I can't recommend her highly enough!!
Have fun in Paris!! I am saving up for my next trip!,21278.msg349106.html#msg349106



 Marilyn : I so enjoyed our day of shopping for fabric, sewing items and beautiful ribbons in Paris. 

We seen areas of Paris that we would have never seen without you.  

Thank you for a wonderful day and for your time and your follow through. 

  The article regarding Lea Stein is very interesting. 

The style of the button reminded me of buttons that I saw on clothing that my mother

 and aunts  wore  in the 60's and 70's and that was why I was drawn to them.



   Mandy I did a tour with you about a year and a half ago and had a great time. 

  Happily, I am visiting Paris again from April 17 to 24 and am wondering if you would be around for another tour?


  Kathy : Thanks so much.  The three of us had a marvelous time with you in Paris. 

What wonderful shops and we learned etiquette of each store which was so helpful and interesting. 

You showed us parts of Paris we could not have found without your help. 

The best Crema Coffee while in Paris was also the coffee break we shared with you.

  I am so looking forward to using my French sewing needles, they will add to my sewing box

as a wonderful memory of our time spent together. 


Liz: I wanted to let me know how much I enjoyed "Stitching Up Paris".

Though I didn’t buy much, it was nice to visit the shops,ones that I would never have found without you.
Paris is a great city and one day I hope to visit again. Thanks again. 


marie: Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous avez fait et toutes ces decouvertes.


 Linda: Thank you so much for such a wonderful day.

We had a great time in Paris and my time with you was one of the highlights.