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      was born in Brittany during the winter of 83, and I grew up under the trees and seeing the sea every day. I have always liked to draw and play with colors and that is why, early on, I studied art and came to Paris to graduate in Textile design. During my studies, I was lucky to do a semester abroad which I spent in London.

I am a passionate knitter, crocheter, weaver, everything to do with yarns and making with my hands.

Since childhood, I have always travelled, first with my parents then on my own or with friends. I have been all over Europe and as far as the Great Wall in China or Peru. On these trips, I like to discover new cultures and see beautiful landscapes.  I also like to meet new people and to learn about their country.

 It is now my turn to show you my city and I am excited to share the best spots in Paris with you and find beautiful materials for your own creations.

About me


Pauline Geneteau
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