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et me take you on a tour that I designed just for you.


     f you have a limited time in Paris and you want to be able to do your shopping in one afternoon, let me show you the most beautiful shops in 4 or 5 hours.

     t is your first time in Paris, and you are a bit overwhelmed, let me guide you to the needlecraft stores and fabric boutiques all around Paris.





        ou already know the Montmartre fabrics area, let me lead you to other parts of Paris and discover the hidden stores, the ones that only Parisians know about.

    efore the tour, we chat via email so I can get to know you a little bit and have a sense of what you would enjoy.


     t could be haberdashery, notions, trims and fabrics

Or yarns, crafts, and embroidery

Or beads, ribbons, and tassels

Or vintage fabrics, lace and Flea markets

Or haberdashery, vintage, yarns and tassels… It is up to you.


   f you want to spend an hour or two in a museum for a private tour about fabrics and textiles, I would gladly show you around the quiet rooms of any collections.



       o book a tour, find out the price, and choose between a full day or just an afternoon with me, you can use the «contact me» page or send me an email.


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